MMC’s Principal Consultant Michelle McIntyre is active in the Silicon Valley community in a variety of ways.  She’s a fierce proponent of both technology innovation and entrepreneurship and was named 2017 VLAB MIT-Stanford Enterprise Forum volunteer of the year.

In addition for blogging for VLAB, she works to enhance the lives of children through PTA and her advocacy for stronger math academics in the U.S. public schools.


She also strives to advance the cause of high-quality, ethical and impactful communications. She previously was a vice president and director with the International Association of Business Communications Silicon Valley Chapter (SVIABC). In this role, she tripled the amount of Twitter followers of @SVIABC in six months as well as booked New York Times best selling author Guy Kawasaki as a pro bono speaker for the organization twice. Kawasaki has 9 million followers on social media. (SV-IABC).


She’s a past vice president of communications, Santa Clara Valley PTA, and former vice president of communications, social media chair and parliamentarian for Sixth District California PTA which has 50,000 members primarily in the Silicon Valley.

For five years, McIntyre served as a merit badge counselor for Boy Scouts of America, teaching many Eagle Scout candidates about Citizenship in the Community and Communications.


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