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CIO – CIO Spotlight Martin de Martini Y Soft Corporation (2018)

ENTREPRENEUR – Automation is Expected to Create Jobs But Only You Can Make Sure You Get One; Prepare now to join the digital workforce before the arrival of the robotic overlords. (2018)

HR Technologist – Is HR Ready to Lead the Robot Revolution? (2018)

Y Soft PR conducted a survey of 1,017 U.S. workers asking what they thought of artificial intelligence and robots at work. The results brought Y Soft into the broader conversation of what the future holds for AI at work.

BLOOMBERG – AI Pioneer Wants to Build the Renaissance Machine of the Future (2017)

From the story: Juergen Schmidhuber, often referred to as the father of AI, raised venture capital for his startup looking to teach machines to solve any problem. 

About the story: MMC PR’s client was venture capital firm Alma Mundi Ventures of Spain. The assignment was to gain attention of AI Innovator Nnaisense of Switzerland in the U.S. Although other AI experts globally knew Nnaisense, U.S. journalists did not. MMC PR highlighted how the founders had a real shot at true artificial general intelligence (AGI) which means that a machine can be as smart as a human. MMC PR also helped convince Audi to be part of the campaign. Nnaisense scientists taught an Audi car to teach itself how to park. Cool stuff, huh? Here is the Alma Mundi-Nnaisense press release.

Manufacturing Business Technology – How A Hydraulics Manufacturer Created a More Fluid Organization (2017)

A large feature story by Seymour Duncker, CEO and founder of iCharts, highlighting a client success story and discussing the importance of breaking down information silos with cloud technology ran in this important industry media outlet. iCharts had excellent press coverage in 2017 with stories in Inc., Network World, Electronic Buyers’ News and other key outlets. iCharts executives were a joy to work with due to the respect and professionalism they showed to consultants.

BASELINE – Employees Want Tech To Create a Greener Workplace (2017)

From the story:  “The digitization of today’s workplace is all about empowering modern professionals with lots of cool technologies. But, amid all the buzz about the latest business-benefiting apps and platforms, too many organizations are overlooking a very basic need: to eliminate many paper-based processes. That’s the impression conveyed by a recent survey from Y Soft. The resulting report, “Digital Transformation Expectations in the Workforce,” reveals that the majority of employees—many of them young and tech-savvy—feel that their company still depends on too many paper-driven processes that could be digitized.”

Many of the survey respondents believe that the huge volume of printing in organizations has a negative impact on the environment. Others said that their employer has not even developed policies about how printing should be done to save on paper usage, such as printing on both sides of a page. The findings also cover employee adoption of cloud storage, and the preference for greater flexibility in working hours, and we’ve included those here. A total of 100 U.S. workers from 18 to 44 years of age took part in the research.

About this story: The Y Soft U.S. PR team (me and the global PR director) created this survey and conducted it via SurveyMonkey Audience. The results were fantastic because it asked workers about timely topics: digital transformation, the paperless office, and keeping Millennial workers happy. We wanted to know, would employees stick around longer if they saw green practices around the office? Baseline Magazine is a top tier IT media outlet associated with eWeek that covers CIO-CXO issues. Their journalists are awesome to work with due to excellent fact-checking and communications with PR professionals. Y Soft’s global headquarters are in the Czech Republic.

TIME – How Your iPhone Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

About this story: This article mentions only two fitness apps, Apple’s and MMC PR’s client, PumpUp. Note that there were around 40,000 fitness apps at the time. From the story: “But one thing Apple Health won’t give you is moral support, and for that PumpUp cannot be beat. An Instagram-like photo sharing app that lets other like-minded people cheer you on, PumpUp can also track your activity, whether it’s running or skiing, and can help you build custom workouts to get in better shape. Then, when you post your progress, you get cheered on by other PumpUp members, helping you to keep going strong.”

Business Insider – How 3 Open-Heart Surgeries Inspired a 24-Year-Old Founder to Build an App That Now Has 2 Million Users

About this story: A large positive feature about MMC PR client PumpUp quoting the co-founder extensively resulted in 5,000+ story shares. It is also posted on investor General Catalyst Partners’ website.

The Wall Street Journal – Pick of the Crop: Microsoft and IBM Are Scouring Silicon Valley for Start-Ups to Work With, Possibly Acquire

About this story: Feature discusses how IBM partners benefit from their relationships with Big Blue, and quotes IBM Venture Capital Group executives.

Fortune – Instant Messaging has Replaced Voice Mail

About the story: Q&A with IBM’s CIO positions IBM as a social business innovator.

San Jose Mercury News – App Offers ‘Wanderful’ Shopping Experience

About the story: MMC PR client Wanderful Media’s CEO was quoted extensively in a feature about the company its new Android OS app and several million new dollars in funding. Their popular app is called Find&Save.

Forbes – The Benefits Of Enterprise Social Media; How social media is being used to capture knowledge inside companies

About this article: Q&A with IBM vice president of Social Software explains benefits of social business and includes client success stories.

Sacramento Business Journal – Social Media Software Developer Aims to Streamline Marketing

About this article: The founder of Sociamonials, an early stage startup at the time, discusses trends driving demand for his unique new social marketing software suite in this tabloid-size page feature with a color photo of him. For the whole story, subscribe or email

The CubeTV on YouTube — O’Reilly Fluent Conference – interview with Ozana Giusca on Tooliers: Business Growth Tools

About this story: The founder discusses European VC and start-up business trends as well as her new website for self-service business consulting at an O’Reilly conference.

San Jose Mercury News, Page 1, Sunday Business – SiliconHouse Hosts World’s Entrepreneurs at a Business-building Crash Pad

About this story: The founder of was quoted in the story and included in a large photo of a group of entrepreneurs staying at the house. This is as a result of Michelle McIntyre inviting the writer to conduct an interview there. The founder framed the page 1 Business story and photo and placed it behind her desk.

Here is the press release.

KTVU Ch. 2 – Maureen Naylor Interview with TEDxSanJoseCA Speaker and Olympic Gold Medal Winner and American Heart Association Ambassador Dana Vollmer

About this story: It appeared on the 10 PM news the evening of the event. The news segment also features clips of entertainers, Vollmer on stage, the hundreds of attendees and a mini segment on the “Before I Die Wall” discussing what people wrote and why.

Silicon Valley Business Journal – IBM and San Jose State Partner on Social

About this story: Front page feature story with large color photo of the IBM executive with the professor in front of the business school discusses how IBM is working with SJSU professors to teach students about social collaboration.

Toronto Star – York University Students Have Their Heads in the Clouds

About this story: A feature with a photo highlighted York’s use of IBM cloud computing solutions at a top grad school. Available to subscribers, it positioned IBM in a positive light.

The press coverage above was based on this news release.

Fast Company – Why IBM Could be Bigger Than Facebook in Social Media

About this story: A 2010 feature story with a unique graphic discusses how social has changed the business landscape and how IBM is leading the way. It was picked up by several news outlets including NBC TV.

Baseline Magazine – Web 2.0 Drives Performance

About this story: Large feature story discusses how IBM Client customers and employees benefit from IBM software and hardware. The print edition features takes up 2 full page and features several large photos and graphics strategic to conveying the client’s messages.

The New York Times – IBM Updates Connections Mobile Apps to Push Enterprise Social Networking on the Go

About this story: This 2010 NYT print edition story was a republish of an IDG story.

Los Angeles Times – New IBM GMR heads and their huge implications

About this story that ran in the late 1990s: Larry Magid, a syndicated technology columnist who is still writing today in September of 2018 wrote about the technology breakthrough of IBM’s then new giant magnetoresistive or GMR heads and their implications.  This syndicated story was repeated in many large news outlets worldwide. This was amazing coverage because the technology was so deeply technical.

As a result of this successful PR campaign and the attention it received from IBM’s Chairman and CEO in the late 1990s, then Storage General Manager Jim Vanderslice presented Michelle McIntyre with an award in appreciation for “Outstanding Press Coverage of IBM Storage Announcements.” McIntyre went on to receive many additional awards from IBM, eight in total, including cash and an all-expenses-paid-for trip to Hawaii as a result of her storage and software PR results.

The Tonight Show Monologue – IBM fits a ton of information onto a tiny hard drive; kids worldwide want to use it to cheat on tests 

About this coverage: The host, then Jay Leno in the late 1990s, incorporated Michelle McIntyre’s IBM announcement in his opening monologue! Positive coverage in thousands of news outlets globally resulted from this campaign.

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