More Testimonials

“Michelle is a highly skilled media relations professional and a strong team player. One quality that really stands out is Michelle’s curiosity, perhaps the most important quality of all for a reporter or corporate communicator. Michelle also applies that curiosity through hard work, focus, and a strong set of skills.

Michelle consistently demonstrates her ability not only to get the day-to-day work done well, but also facilitates “big” stories in major media.” June 27, 2008

Jeff Gluck, Director, Communications, IBM
managed Michelle at IBM

“Michelle produced outstanding results when she drove external relations for IBM Storage. I worked closely with her in a similar capacity. She had excellent relationships with both executives and reporters and the feedback on her work was very positive. She is best at making technical subjects of interest to a mainstream audience and creating a buzz. In fact, her team’s PR campaign for the world’s smallest hard disk drive was mentioned on the Jay Leno–Tonight Show monologue and IBM based an advertising campaign on it.” August 7, 2012

Glenn Hintze, Public Relations/Analyst Relations Manager, IBM
worked directly with Michelle at IBM

“I worked closely with Michelle on a number of media relations projects during my career in IBM communications. Her combination of social media savvy, superb writing ability and personal relationships with key influencers gives her a leading edge in this industry. Michelle knows how to develop trusted connections — and truly cares about getting to know her clients and understanding their businesses. Even in the digital age, these are key skills that no client can afford to overlook.” September 28, 2012

Jennifer Clemente, Media Relations, IBM
worked with Michelle at IBM

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