MMC’s Principal Consultant Michelle McIntyre enjoys working with start-ups.

Since the inception of her business in early 2013, she has served 24 clients. All but a handful, for example NTT Group and Y Soft, were small to medium start-ups.

About half of the start-ups were bootstrapped. The other half, venture capital-backed.

If you own start-up and need help with message creation for elevator pitches, press relations materials and story placement, or newsworthy blog stories, MMC is a great fit.

Michelle McIntyre specializes in PR which means influencing any audience, not just press. She can help you influence clients, prospective clients or business partners.

No project is too small. MMC’s rates are competitive and McIntyre finds a great deal of satisfaction in helping a small or brand new business grow to its potential.

PR agencies are awesome, but sometimes a full service agency is not the right fit for a small companies due to budget or time constraints.

MMC specializes in fixing communications problems which, more often than not, means a presentation, website or elevator pitch messages that are not memorable.

Sometimes brilliant technical minds, start up CEOs and inventors don’t have the time or the focus to explain a technical detail in an interesting manner on their websites or trade show talks.

That’s where MMC can help. MMC helps your company stand out and be memorable in a noisy market place.

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