Technology & Industry Expertise

touching screen on tablet-pc

Technology and Related Experience last updated 2019

    • Artificial intelligence, deep learning, very deep learning > Client: Alma Mundi Ventures of Spain and their portfolio company Nnaisense
    • Collaboration and future of work: 1000Heads,  Microsoft and Y Soft 
    • Quantum computing: VLAB (pro bono)
    • Consumer apps > Clients: Wanderful Media Find&Save app, PumpUp fitness community
    • 3D printers > Client: Y Soft
    • Cloud computing > Client: Microsoft (2019), iCharts, Paradata, IBM
    • Digital transformation > Client: Y Soft
    • Internet of Things > Client: Y Soft,  VLAB (pro bono)
    • Information management and databases > Client: IBM
    • Mobile – Several clients
      McIntyre has experience driving PR campaigns around Android, iOS, BlackBerry/RIM, and Nokia. She has done PR for several mobile apps and led cross-IBM mobile industry focused software PR teams.
    • Social business and collaboration software > Client: IBM Social Business
    • Storage –  Client: IBM HDD, several awards for outstanding press coverage of technology firsts
    • Portals – Client: IBM WebSphere Portal, #1 market share at the time

Industry Experience

  • Manufacturing and supply chain management > Clients: iCharts, Paradata
  • Government > Client: IBMiStock_000000682239Small
  • IT, CIOs > Client: Y Soft
  • ED Tech > Client: Y Soft
  • Non-profits > Michelle McIntyre has held board and/or senior leader positions at Sixth District PTA of the Silicon Valley, VLAB, Boy Scouts of America, and Silicon Valley International Association of Business Communicators
  • Retail > Clients: Wanderful Media’s Find&Save app, iCharts
  • Telecommunications (See “Mobile.”)
  • Venture Capital > Clients: IBM, Alma Mundi Ventures, did PR for a company backed by General Catalyst Partners
  • A variety of others


Note that some of these are past clients and that Michelle McIntyre actually worked at IBM. She used the term “client” loosely in the case of Big Blue. Also, Paradata was mostly a marketing communications and social media client. She did place stories for them in a business journal and electronics industry trade.


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